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What type lift is called for on the FJ Cruiser: a body lift, a suspension lift, or both?

I was asked this by a mechanic friend of mine who said he would help me do a 3 to 4 inch lift on my rig. I assume suspension, but told him I would post up and ask. Thanks folks. 

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Nothings called for, just depends on your game plan for off-road. I have a 3" suspension lift, and very happy with it. Some have a suspension lift with body lift to get a bit more wheel clearance. But just a body lift? I'd suggest suspension. There's plenty of otions to fit your budget.

I'd go Suspension the you get the frame clearance and can add a bigger tire to get even more lift..

If you plan on doing any offroading, i would get the suspension lift. With the body lift, you don't gain any ground clearance. Having said that, you could do like a three inch suspension lift then a body lift on top of that to accommodate for bigger tires. I personally have just a three inch suspension lift and love it.   

Guys, your input is much appreciated and it makes total sense. It seems 3 inch lift is the most common for the FJ too. Thanks




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