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Posted this question on FJ Cruiser Forums without much luck so I thought I'd give it a try here since its specific to Norcal:

Hi fellow Cruiser owners,

I live in the bay area (SF, CA) and own a 2013 FJ. I am getting ready to install an Icon Stage 7 kit and was wondering if anyone had some general advice for me on the install job.

My preference is to get a professional installation job from an authorized Icon dealer so that if there are any issues or warranty questions I have with my suspension I can easily handle it through them. I have been looking around in my area and have been quoted anywhere from 800-1200 dollars (depending if I need a BMC or not) for the install. I just wanted to get everyone's take on if this price seemed reasonable (as it seemed pretty expensive to me). Also if anyone has any recommendations on a good shop in the Bay Area it would be really helpful.

I have seen many DIY instructions on the install but I neither have the tools or space to do the job. I did have a buddy who has done lifts on his own jeep offer his assistance but wanted to know if there was anything else to gain from getting it professionally installed (besides the cash savings).

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!


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I would contact some of the members here to help. Specifically BZ or Nestor as they absolutely know what they are doing. It would probably be easiest to reach them on our FaceBook site

I can attest to Nestor's skills. He has helped me with several installs and is a genuine great help. Plus he lives close to you in Vallejo. 

I have heard good things about BZ too, I have his rear diff skid and CB antenna mount.

Got to agree with Lumbajak(Max) seems pretty dead on this site but I don't do Facebook.

Good luck with your install and post pics. Hope to see you on the trails.





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