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Hi all, hope I'm not starting something old here but I was wondering if anyone has tried putting in a performance chip into their FJ to up the fuel mileage and performance?  Now before anyone says that I shouldn't have bought an FJ if I was concerned about mpg's, please understand that I did know about the mileage, and am just curious to know if any one has tried anything to boost mpg's a little?  Any little bit in improved mpg's is always a good thing ya know. 


P.S.  New to the forum and I love this place.  Met a new friend on here (Savage Ron), and can't wait to try to make it out to a gathering.  Thanks for any info on the chips.

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No, no, no.. If Toyota could have gotten more HP and ECO out of the FJ so easily they would have done it during the design process. Your right foot is the sole controller of economy in the FJ. Save yourself some money.

It is too bad they did not build a diesel FJ.

Steve Hope.

Everything I've read on here and other forums, I'd say don't be tempted. Those who have, have not got the results they thought they would and were upset they spent the money.




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