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Josh, from sPOD, will be hosting an sPOD install day on Saturday, October 2 at BozTec's shop. Josh will be around to assist with any installs if you get stuck or have any questions.

Date: Saturday, October 2
Time: 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: BozTec's Shop, 1924 Willow Street, Alameda, CA

although Josh will have the required tools for the install, it is recommended that you bring your tools as well.

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FJ4 Tahoe
s-POD Josh
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I'm available. On call but only need to be within an hour of foster city. 
If I'm around I'll swing by. I was going to head up to Truckee that weekend. If not I'll just have to install while I'm up there.
Not sure of my schedule, but if I'm free I'll attend.
Sounds good.. I will have to check with the boss...
count me in...
I may swing by to pick mine up on my way to the San Ramon Valley.

Have to do lunch with my mom and grandmother that day. (need to be the good son once and awhile)
I really want to, but I think I'm over-committed that day already. Wish everyone the best of luck! Mine just came and I'm stoked!!!! Very nice product.
not going to make it to this unfortunately.

Josh what's up w/ the jumper, how much do you get for them?
Do you have anything that you would want to keep hot all the time? CB, extra 12v plugs? I have the same problem in my Tacoma, we have a jumper that you can hook up to make a circuit always hot. I have my CB and my extra 12v outlets in my bed on that one circuit.
The jumper is currently in production and will be available shortly. The cost will be about $7-$10. Right now I have my cb, the light in my shell, and 2 12v outlets that I run my fridge on. We are going to make a few up for anyone that needs them now.
We will be starting at 930am Saturday morning, I'll be firing up the grill for anyone that would like to join us for lunch. Hope to see you all there. Thanks!
OP updated!
I may make it, I'll see what I can do.....




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