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Has anyone in the Sac/Bay Area done a snorkel install? Wan't to order mine but don't want to pay a shop to do it. I've done everything to my Fj so far by myself but drilling into my fender still kinda worries me. Lol

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Beer & 100 bucks if anyone is willing to help!

Nestor will help you. He is great help, he knows how to take things apart, like the fender flares and has replacement fasteners etc.I did this install a few years ago and hole-sawed the fender myself, pics on my page.Pics taken by Nestor.  I still have the hole saw if you want to borrow it. I can tell you it is a 4 1/8 inch diameter or 105mm. 


Thanks for the info! Still waiting on the right shipment...Amazon sent me Silverado nerf bars instead of my snorkel.

If you want to come to Fresno, we can do it in my garage. I have the fender hole tools and have done it on my FJ and 4Runner. Which Snorkel? From Pathfinder Outdoors?




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