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I've heard a lot about Slickrock Trail and am wondering whether anyone plans a run to there in the near future. I've never been but would like to go. I do have some questions, though.


What is the trail rated in terms of difficulty?


I'm running stock, with pontoons and no lift right now. Can this trail be run with pontoons or are sliders a must before making the run? 


Is there any other characteristic a newbie should know before running this trail?




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I have done this trail last year with the group stock. I got all the way to the last obstacle, but that boulder Steve speaks of, gave me a reason to run and fight another day, lol. It also did not help that it was raining and daylight was fading. Being stock you just have to take it slow and pick your lines carefully, but it is doable. Minus the boulder at the end, which I hope is gone. I shall conquer it this year, I hope =). I plan to hit Deer Valley and Slickrock in the same weekend once the snow melts. So maybe when the time comes we can get some of us together for that trip.
Hey MichaelB,

Check out PRS norcal camping trip in "events" - this is perfect for you as a starter, find out what you think you need on your truck, and then step up to slick rock - these are fun trails with some good chalenges but still do-able with less chance of damage - I'm going - this is a really nice campground for base camp as well. Good wheeling with you at Hollister last weekend.

Hey Overlander36,


I'll do my best to join the PRS camping trip in June. I checked out the two trails mentioned. And yea, great wheeling with you too. Saturday was such a blast!! 

Hey, thx to all for the input. I've viewed all the videos on the site (which are great), checked out the trail rating, viewed the pictures and the trail description. I wanna run this trail, but the better part of wisdom is, I need to do some work on my FJ first. Looks like a fun and challenging run.

It's a really nice trail but pretty short.  There are bypasses in some areas that you can take to get around the difficult sections.  Main concern will be traction and a lift would also help.  As Potato said, with a good spotter you should not have too many issues.  I would say there are three major obstacles on the whole trail but otherwise it's really scenic and easy.  Here are some pictures from our last summer trip:




Lots of fun on the trail and in the camp site...




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