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Went wheeling with my wife, dog and brother. Good times.

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great pictures Cha! 

awesome pics! how long did it you guys to run the whole trail?

took 3hrs or so.

Nice pics, thanks for posting.

beautiful looking trail. did you take any damage to the fj?

Major damage, no. I have skids, sliders, front bumper, LCA's and a looser definition of damage.

Put the FJ on the lift and had alot of scrapes and bruises. The rear bumper and and exhaust are no longer straight, time for new rear bumper. 

Yikes!  It looked like you got stuck in a few of the later pics.  Could have just been the angle of the shot though.  Also, that water looked freeking high!

Great photos by the way!  Im so bummed Im going to miss it next month =(

Not stuck. Just wanted to go forward not backwards, lol. I had conquer this last obstacle the hard way, so hell or high water I was going to make it. I did too, YAY!. The water crossing was a little higher than I expected but not too bad. Just ride the wake.

Awesome pics!

Awesome pictures!!!!

I'm assuming you have a Suba kit on your rear diff?

Actually I have yet to do the scuba mod. I have done many water crossings and when I did my rear diff fluid drain-refill there was no trace of water. I should get it done but just been to busy with other stuff.




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