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I am ready to throw down on some skid plates. I'm thinking BUD BUILT or RICOCHET, but leaning toward the BUD BUILT. The RICOCHET are kinda scaring me know that im writing this, Aluminum seems like a ONE TIME USE. What do you guys think has anyone bashed with either one of these sets? Oh and also, should I get the GAS TANK SKID included in either of these COMBO DEALS? My Hope is that these are going to be a good investment. Now that i am planning on being more ADVENTUROUS. Thanks for your input ahead of time, GUYS! :) :) :) 

A TRAIL ARMOR!!! I went with the Bud Built's Steel w/gas skid, also Boztec DIFF Skid and Metal-Tech Sliders. Thanks to all for the input on my decision. Weekend Project!!! :)))

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I would not be scared of 1/4 inch aluminum, I may buy that set up from Ricochet this spring for several reasons;

1) aluminum skids are one third the weight of steel.

2) I wheel off-road probably 5 times each year.

3) I wheel off-road on trails like Long Canyon and some-what less damaging trails.

4)  Ricochet are cheaper and have less shipping costs to the West Coast (motor freight)

5) Easy to paint and re-paint with rattle cans and never rust.

However, if you are serious about getting into rock crawling, go with steel, it is cheaper but heavier.

How often are you going to hit the rocks? I suppose that is the best question for you to answer.

Steve Hope.

ps, if you screw up your aluminum, you can get $2.15 lb at our local recycle center. :>)

Food for thought, thank you Steve.

Nice, on the recycle part! LOL :)

You know, the last couple of years I have only been Cruisin' around in the desert. Though i have bottomed out a couple of times, no real damage. thank goodness. So yes I was/am thinking of the Ricochet set, too. Just want to be Well Equipped when I join you guys up in the Sierra Mountains! :) :) :) Not really sure what is up there, but want to find out, AND NOT the hard way. hahaha ;)

Contact SonOf40. I believe he has or had aluminum skids. I think has straightened them a few times.

So just kind wondering what other folks were running that run the trails of Northern Cali??? :)

I've been rocking my ricochet skids for years now. I've ran many different trails from slick rock to the beginnings of fordyce to the back third of the rubicon. I've seen lots of rocks and everything in between. They have held up just fine! Although they do have some dents and scrapes but hey thats why I got them so they would take the punishment.. I honestly think it is just up to the user. Am I saving some MPGs by going aluminum? Maybe, maybe not.. Am i sacrificing protection? Definitely not. They both protect your belly and will help you get out of tough situations. All depends on which ones you think look better lol I could keep going saying bud builts are smoother to help you slide over rocks easier but they also hang down lower. I've wheeled with people running every different kind of skid out there; arb, asfir, all-pro, ricochet, buds and many more. All where you want to spend your money bud! Sorry for the rant.. Hope it was at least somewhat helpful

Thanks LumbaJak. Good rank with awesome info. Hey you have been running them for awhile. Are the oil changes pretty easy, do we have to take the plates off to accomplish this?

Yup, you have to remove the front engine plate every time for oil change. It's a pain.

Thanks so much for the input/Info, exactly what I am looking for. People that are Running stuff in my area or my proposed area, that WORK.

I have a full set of Ricochet HD skid plates. They haven't let me down. I've had them for 2.5 years now and they have been holding up. I've scraped and banged them over rocks and have been to Long Canyon and Hollister Hills; however, I don't rock crawl. I've even used the engine plate as an anchor point with my floor jack to lift up my truck and so far no dents. I recently upgraded my front bash plate to Shrockworks (steel), mainly for easy access to the oil filter. Here's a picture of the hybrid install. It fits nicely with my Exp One bumper and filler plate.

I just purchased a 5 piece Bud Built Skid plates...I have not used it yet though for rock climbing...Still trying to get my FJ ready..Still need rear bumpers and rear differential skids...But as far as Skids I went with Bud Built because of the thickness it provides...I feel its the most important area so I went with the thicker metal just incase....





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