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Well I am looking to sell my Bud Built skid plates. If interested in these please pm me. They are bent here and there from my excursions into the rocks and for the most part are black, lol. The bends are not major and the only thing I have noticed is it seems to rattle at idle but mainly because I installed them wrong in the first place. There are two spacers that I installed wrong that needed to be flipped around to give more clearance to prevent the rattling but I have been lazy and have learned to live with the rattle. $400 is what I am asking. I live in Galt, Ca. 

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Why are you selling?
I am selling my FJC.
Why?!?! Any other take offs or part outs going on?
I could sell the front all pro 1st gen bumper but will need a stock for trade.
Mine I sent you a text!!!!!
You mean your wifes fj? How come ghost? Your our trip leader, we will be lost without you
Don't worry, I will still be wheeling. Just changing things up.

Let me guess, first gen 4Runner with SAS?

Nope. I have other plans:)

ah, well I'm glad to hear you well still be around.
Cha u get my txt?? I will gladly take those skids..
Money sent




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