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(Confirmed) Eldorado National Forest will be closed to 4x4's for 2012

Eldorado Announcement

Just had this sent to me. I am scouring the interwebs for more information and will update this post as I read and gather more information. To confirm or bust this information. I'm hoping it's a bad joke.

From pirate4x4's land use forum

It may sound dramatic.
but a lot of it is true. most 4 wheel drive roads in Eldorado National Forest look like they will be closed for 2012....
the seasonal closure hopfully will end in the next two weeks, but the 42 listed roads below will most likely remain closed for the rest of the year.

8N23B Prothro Headwater
8N35 Upper West Panther
9N01 blue lake to meadow lake
9N04 Mud Lake 4WD
9N08 Stockton Camp
9N15 Leek Spring Valley
9N54 Leoni
9N82 Pardoes 4WD 
9N83 Dear Valley 4WD 
9N95 Cosumnes Head
10N01 woods lake area?
10N03 Devils Gate Summer Home
10N06 Pebble Ridge
10N13 Schneider Camp 4WD (know as Strawberry 4WD)
10N14 Mule Canyon
10N21 Long Canyon 4WD
10N26 Scoits Creek
10N32 South Beanville Creek
10N98 Jim Quin Spring
10NY04 Middle Long Canyon
10NY05 Rocky Road
10NY06 Upper Long Canyon
11N09A Bryan Creek
11N22 Strawberry Creek
11N23F North Shanty Spur
11N26F Barrett Lake Jeep Trail
11N70 Mcmanus
11NY32 47 milestone
12NY06 Crystal Shortcut
12NY15 West Robbs Peak
13N24 Dry Lakes
14N05 Mckinstry Lake
14N27 Bunker Meadow
14N39 Richardson Lake 4WD
14N58 Jerre
17E12 motorcycle trail strawberry to Lovers leap
17E16 motorcycle trail behind little round top
17E17 Buck meadows motorcycle trail
17E19 motorcycle trail out of Allen camp
17E21 motorcycle trail north of Silver Lake
17E24 Mud lake trail
17E28 motorcycle trail south of mud lake

more info to follow

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I sure hope this is not true......

I hope it's not true as well since the NorCalFJs adopted Long Canyon Trail last year with the hard work of DWH and Tater

I talked to my friend Dylan at work today and he said he's heard of that too.  His Mom works for the Forest Service and is the Ranger for Barrett Lake Trail and Wrights Lake and he emailed her to see if she had any inside info.

Hello Opg,

Thanks for the heads.  Please let us know of any developments, pretty sure most of us would be willing to write our local reps if needed.

I'd blame the Rangers, all they want to do is drink beer anyway

I emailed my contact for Long Canyon Trail as well. His work week starts Thursday. Hopefully he will reply then.

Great! Now I have to become a mall crawler!

This is horrible news, I am hoping there is a chance to review or reverse this decision. i was avoiding opening this thread...I should have never left my bubble...

Eldorado Announcement

Wiki on Judge Dread "Karlton is known as an outspoken liberal" No kidding.

My GAWD, so it is true.  A very sad day for us wheelers. 

Perhaps this is all the more reason for us to step up our focus on Tread Lightly principles when we DO wheel.  The 4-wheeling and 2-wheeling communities around the world have their share of irresponsible users.  It takes just one screwball to screw the rest of us.  I say we step up our game on ensuring that each of us and those within our communities truly show that we can be and are responsible users of our lands.

.... what she said!




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