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This is a re-post from another forum and felt it is applicable on this forum as well:

El Dorado County has posted a very informative video on guidelines on how the trail should be used.
I think they apply to whenever we are off the pavement.

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Nice find and good all around info! I definitely appreciate their attitude.
Great post up. Nice team work.
Nice post, thanks. It does apply to anywhere we go off highway. Could never figure way this is so difficult for some, but that's just being too logical I guess.
RTF worked their butts off putting this together. They worked with the producer of the Deadliest Catch series. I got a sneak peak a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking  this video could be a great training guide  also..
we met Vickie Sanders of El Dorado County yesterday and earned the cool "Every Last Drop" bandana and decal as a result of conducting/attending the Tread Lightly! Awareness Workshop. she and her staff have done a terrific job at bringing this awareness campaign to those who recreate on and around the Rubicon. no doubt, their efforts are the premier model of balancing outdoor recreation and preservation and deserve all of our support.




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