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Does anyone make rock sliders that also function as a step-up? Most of the ones I see mount so close to the body that they can't be used to step up on.

Wifey's been hassling me about a step-up since I removed my pontoons-and I haven't lifted the FJ yet. TIA for your suggestions.


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Do you have the TRD sliders? I know those tuck up very close to the body but most sliders allow you to use it as a "step up". MetalTech, AllPro and Demello all allow you to use as a "step up".

Yeah, what Ghost said... and Trail Gear also carries sliders at can double as step ups.

<what they said>  My Demello sliders work quite well as "step ups" : )

Trail gear are some of the widest sliders

And trail gear are the best for the money imho.

I have the Trail Gears on my truck.  Love'm!  Yes, they stick out wider (ideal for steps). Some don't like how much they stick out, but they have saved me from some sheet metal damage as well.

I have the All-Pro ones and I love the Kick-Out. 

I also have the All-Pro sliders with the kick-out.  A lot of people make fun of All Pro, but I *love* my sliders, and they've really done their job out in the rocks.  I've scraped the hell out of them while they protected the body panels.  They ARE really wide - I am planning to weld in some perforated steel plates in the sections right below the front doors so that I don't slip and put my foot through when I'm climbing into the truck in heels.  Also, the All Pros are easy for other people to ride on if necessary when getting your rig un-stuck on the trail or preventing it from rolling.  Bonus: They are great in parking lots when other people throw their doors open without looking.  They dent THEIR doors - not yours.  Ha! :)

I have the oem sliders. I actually like the fact that their tucked up flush but would have loved a kick out. Will be having a friend add a kick out tho.

I've got the White Knuckle with kickouts. I've got a 3" lift, and my wife has no problem getting in using the slider. Here's a slider comprarison from the blue room. It's from 2006, but will give you a good idea about who has what.

I have the White Knuckle off road heavy duty sliders with kick outs as well. Love them - great customer service - well made - easy install. They are located in Apple Valley CA (SoCal) so shipping is not bad. John, the owner, told me if I bent mine he would get me another set.

Possibly look at NFabs sliders? They have a detachable step that you can pull off pretty easily when wheeling.




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