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I'm selling the RK Sport Hood that I bought last year.  Never got around to getting it painted and installed and now figure I probably won't.  I'm sure someone out there wants a cool hood on their FJC.  These hoods sell new for $860 plus about $200 in freight.  I'd like to get $600 out of this in order to make it not so painful, but open to reasonable offers.

Here is a link to the manufacturers website...

 photo IMG_0745_zpstdantqns.jpg  photo IMG_0744_zpsjipbqc5e.jpg
 photo IMG_0743_zpslxb32v7o.jpg
 photo IMG_0742_zpss3levany.jpg
 photo IMG_0741_zpsrgdxdujg.jpg
 photo IMG_0740_zpsajopuxtb.jpg
 photo IMG_0739_zps9zrmc2gs.jpg
 photo IMG_0738_zps55mwmzpm.jpg
 photo IMG_0737_zps7egmj1xa.jpg

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Looks sweet!

That hood does have a great look. Not functional with my snorkel but good looking. Too bad you couldn't use it, Looks like a lot of work to pre-fit, then get painted,  then install  Hope you can sell it.

Steve Hope

Just the opposite... no pre-fit work required.  When they designed the hood, then designed it to be a bolt-on replacement.  It bolts right up using the factory bolts.  Super easy.  Color matching should be that hard either.   I got a few quotes on paint that ranged right around $400.

Very tempting!

This would look sweet on your monster FJC.  :)  

woah... that looks sweet! 

Whoa thats a bad ass hood. I really should not be spending 600 right now though haha. Seems like a good deal, it might be a future purchase on my rig one day.

Make me an offer... I have another project that I'm working on and need this hood out of the garage in order to free up some valuable space.

Gah this is tempting.

Come on someone make me an offer... need the space in the garage to install the new tubing bender, so I can start building some sliders for my sons 4Runner.

Really tempting. Is that thing already iceberg white? That would make it a little easier of a buy

It's closer to the cement gray color that came on some FJs.  It has a really clean finish already so not a lot of work to paint it.




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