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Leonie, TOE 4x4, and I are sad to say our little dog Blaze lost her bout with cancer and died about 2:15 on Sunday, January 16th.


Some of you met her at events or install days at the shop. For those of you who didn't meet her, she was the sweetest most loving little dog you could have ever met and always had time to offer up her doggie head for a pet. Those that did know her knew that once you touched Blazy, you had to keep touching her in the form of pets till someone else would take over. She was a doggie pet slut.


She will be terribly missed by both of us but we know she is now with her best buddy Tabu and the rest of our family that have passed on in recent years.


Good bye Blazy, you are very special and touched our lives deeply.  



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I am soooooooo sorry and i will miss blaze terribly!!!  I am one of the lucky humans on this earth that got to spend quality time with her.  At one camping trip in Big Bear.........we put blaze in my tent to rest up.  at one point she obviously wanted to be where the party was.......she ripped her way out of my tent and suddenly showed up at the campfire.  everytime i look at that electrical tape on my tent..........i'll think of blaze and smile.  :)


john and you both and my thoughts are with you. 

safe journeys Blazey!!

Some dogs come in to our lives and leave Others come and leave their footprints on our hearts. And we are never ever quite the same again.
Thanks for the laughs Chris. That story is very true. I was so concerned that Blaze had destroyed Chris's tent. She wanted out and that was all there was to it.

Thank you everyone for your kind heart felt words and thoughts.


Blazy was a great little dog and she enhanced our lives immensely throughout her long and happy life.


She will be sadly missed but she gave us many great memories that will live in our hearts forever, we

were lucky she found us.




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