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Hi All,

There was a thread on here a while back about putting a remote oil filter on the FJ.

Someone recommended the Baxter Performance adapter.

Based on that, I bought it.  I got some steel braided hoses made for it and mounted the remote oil filter next to and just below the battery.  So far, it's working great.  I have the 2014 Ultimate Edition with a TRD aluminum front skid plate and there is plenty of clearance for the adapter. 

No more taking off the skid plate just to change the oil!  Plus, with the braided hoses and AN fittings, it just looks cool (even though I'm the only one looking at it.)

Steve S

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I looked into Baxter products and their new adapter that clears the skid but I thought they wanted a lot of money for it. 

I may look into it again when I get from vacation, maybe you can show pics of the oil filter area install.

I paid just under 200 for the Baxter adapter, but I see it has been reduced to $179.95.

I paid $157 for the braided hoses and fittings that I got from a speed shop.  Maybe you know a cheaper place.

I only had to drill one hole to mount the filter end because the other hole was already there.


ok, better pricing there. 

I have an adapter that I have yet to install. I was thinking about maybe stuffing the filter behind the front bumper. I think that and remote the drain plug would make changing the oil a whole lot easier with skids. I guess I should get on it next time I change the oil.




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