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So with my new winch bumper my revtec spacer kit just isn't cutting it anymore. In fact, the shocks were blown long before the install so the extra 150pds up front is just adding insult to injury. So its time to upgrade the front suspension. Want to go coilover and am looking for recommendations  Leaning towards sway-away or walker evan's, but am open to other suggestions. Let me know what you guys are running. Thanks for the help!

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I'm very happy with my Walker Evans Racing 2.5.

I've been happy with my Fox.  When I was looking for my coilovers, I was leaning towards Fox, King, and Icon.  All the racers I talked with said there isn't much of a difference.  Each are rebuildable.  As long as they're rebuilbable, go with the one you prefer. 


Choosing the sping rate is what you'll have to figure out.  I'm running a 650lb sping rate.  I just have a prerunner bumper, no winch, and do mostly high speed desert running.

I am totally digging my 2.5 ext-travel Fox w/resi up front.   Which ever one you end up with I guarantee that you will be stoked!

Thanks guys. So after looking around a bit I came across the fabtech Dirt logic 2.5 coilover kit. I belive its the same coiloveers that come with there 6" kit just without the 3" spacer. The coilover provies 0-3.5" of lift in the front, and 2" in the rear. Anyone running these?




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