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Hi Guys,

The mirror on my 07 FJ is tiny and doesn't show the full rear window, and it's also not height adjustable. Has anyone heard of a good replacement, or know where I can get one? I think the newer model FJ has an adjustable mirror, but it requires electrical connections that mine doesn't have(that I know of). The Autozone and Kragen rear view mirrors were junk and left a big blank space where the FJ mirror mounts.Thank you to anyone who answers.

Steve T.

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I believe all FJ's are wired for the electrical rear view mirrors. I bought an aftermarket one 2 years ago and it failed in a couple of months. So I replaced it with an OEM mirror and it stills works great. A bit more expensive, but it's worth the extra numbers, in my opinion.

Hm, is it hidden up in the headboard? I didn't see it when I took the covering and mirror off. Where did you get your mirror at?

Mine was.

Dealership was no joy. Roseville Toyota parts dept guy said their mirrors aren't adjustable height. It's just a swivel pivot. He said to check aftermarket places, but I hadn't seen any in my searches that fit to the roof where our stock one goes.




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