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I'm looking for some help swapping out my 2" icon springs to 3-1/2" allpro springs. Also need help swapping the stock lower links to allpro ultimate links. I think I have most of the tools I need but I don't have jack stands or access to a lift. All ideas and help are welcome.

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If you want to come to Placerville, you can do it at my place. 

Do you have to change brake lines with a 3.5" lift?

DWH, I'm not sure yet. I hope not.
Most vehicles are still ok at 3.5". You might need to work more brake line towards the suspension from elsewhere, but there is enough slack.
Do you think I will have lengthen the rear links? I know the allpro's are adjustable, but it seems to me they should stay the same length.

when are you loking to do this? My parents ranch will have what you need to change out (floor jack and jack stands). let me know 

I'm getting ready to order the parts. I'm trying figure out if the brake lines are long enough, also not sure if I'm going to have to lengthen the links. I don't think I have to do either but not sure yet.




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