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Wanting to meet some of you guys and wondering if any locals or out of towners are up for a meet and greet here in santa cruz on a Friday or Saturday night?  Either coffee or drinks down for either,Mob rules.

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Don't think I'm gonna be able to make this unless a big change in plans happens, sorry for the late notice, raincheck!

No problem. See you next weekend at Hollister.

There is a Hollister trip next weekend??

Yeah some of us are attending the esprit de four safety clinic next weekend.

of course, you do know we'll all be asking, "where's the beef?!"

hahaha, never gonna live that line down now. I was here first! My fiancee actually has the rig out in the east bay today since she hasn't learned to drive my vw (stick) yet and I'm too damn tired of wrenching on my buddies C7 today heh. Have fun, next time ill be there!


Ok so if any one is running HAM radio. I'll be listening to Carla 10 443.475. Pl 123.0. As well as our VHF 1 146.460

Last night was fun great meeting you guys. My wife was glad she stopped buy.

Def had a blast! Cannot believe where we ended up. Have to do it again real soon.

Damn, I missed it! I was in Yosemite for the weekend. Looking forward to the next Santa Cruz get together.

Time for ROUND 2.  2 weeks from tomorrow Sat November 16th 4pm @ Discretion Brewing Soquel,CA




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