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Wanting to meet some of you guys and wondering if any locals or out of towners are up for a meet and greet here in santa cruz on a Friday or Saturday night?  Either coffee or drinks down for either,Mob rules.

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I'm not an FJ but I might be down. Always good to get to know the Toyota guys. We could meet at Rustic or discretion if you want to do drinks.

Sante Adarius was brought up awhile ago and does sound like a good spot.

So lets narrow it down to rustic and i am up for either a friday or saturday guess it depends which day would be the best turnout. 

My recommendation is figure out a time that is best traffic wise for folks coming over the hill. I would suggest Saturday after 2:30pm is best. Also make sure that where ever you choose has ample parking or if there is paid parking.

Once you figure out the date setup the meetup in the events section. It's pretty easy to set one up there and it will put it on events list on the front page.

ok well i will set a date.. Saturady 9/14 17:00 at Sante Adairius Rustic Ales 103 kennedy drive,Capitola,CA  I will post it in the events section.

I think a lunch-time MnG would be fun... maybe take a drive down the coast?

A drive would be a nice add on. We almost always did one at our subaru meets.

I already posted in the events section but we could move the time earlier and do a post drive or keep the time and add in a pre drive at say 3ish and ending at rustic. opg does have a point with traffic for anyone who may be coming over the hill earlier..could be a bear 

Who All would be interested in adding in a drive? Time? Destination? if there is enough interest lets do it.

I might be able to attend... would love to finally meet some of the gang haha. Now that I'm in Santa Clara, Capitola isn't too far away :)

I have been wanting to have a M+G for awhile now. Did my first trip to digression and was fun.. Would be great to see Sante Adairus. I am in Soquel so its also like a 4 min drive from me.. 

I am a strong maybe at this point..


Looks like we could have a good turnout. looking forward to meeting you guys.

I thought there was another thread started. I could not find it though.

lol neither could i. It was moved by mod i assume to the dark dank basement that is the second page of the forum... i usually only come here to make out with girls.

Wow, I and the family will be in the Capitola area tomorrow.  Sadly we will probably be gone before any of you show up. Gotta camp for the first time tomorrow night with the kiddos.




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