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anyone interested in getting a group together to attend Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ this year? there are a couple different Overland Expo registration packages available, from day passes to full on Overland Experience.

anyway, just food for thought and discussion. if interested, even if you are a Maybe, please respond to the Overland Expo event on the NorCal FJ Events page.

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I would consider it but the one day pass does not include day care. So...

Ya I'll check into it. Sounds fun.

Hmm they moved it out to May. I might be interested.


I am going to try and make it, but with limited time off at the new job it may be tough.

Just tell them your good at conference calls on the trail. You've had plenty of practice from the old job.


Believe me, that is going to be one tactic to free me up from being in the office

I might be able to go.  I've wanted to go the last couple of years.  If I do go, I'll be riding my motorcycle there.

What the heck...why did they move it...grrr... I was actually planning to go this year....i have tickets to fly down south during that exact weekend. Poor planning on my part...what a bummer.

I'm in for 2013 though!

I take it that the 3 day pass price is just for classes without driving the courses?  Otherwise it looks like $265ish for the whole weekend with driving the courses? Or am I misunderstanding the priceing?

i think you got it right. in my opinion, it's probably worth it to go with the Overland Experience package if you are planning to go 3 days anyway. the unlimited classes/workshops, BBQ, drink tickets, and gift bags (not to mention the opportunity to meet a lot of great people) is worth it in my opinion, even if you are hoteling it. at events like these, the networking and discussions you have with fellow enthusiasts are priceless, so the more opportunities you have to kick it with fellow overlanders, the better.




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