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I just went to Metal Tech this weekend and had their new Stage 5 Long Travel "heavy" system installed. Thus, these are for sale.

It is the rear only - Best price that I have found is ~$375 new. I'd like $225 as they have ~8,000 miles on them.

I'm running the heavies as I have the rack, tent, 4x4 labs bumper, etc. They ride great.

I also have the TRD sliders from my '07 still cluttering my back yard. How about $100?

I'm in Vallejo, and would really like to see them gone this week. I'll be on the Rubicon from June 16-23rd.


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Sliders please.

Hello! Just joined 30 minutes ago and if the sliders are in good shape I will take them. I live in Merced which is about 2 hours. Dirty from being in the back yard? Thank you. Any additional info helpful.

John - Sliders are yours if acceptable.

I won't be able to meet with you until after the Rubicon trip (June 16-23) unless you want to drive over. I can send you pics if you give me your email address.

Thanks I can come get them. Pics would be most appreciated when you have time. Thank you for your time.

I am interested in the sliders as well if John does not take them.  My only question is used.  Also is the bolt on pattern the same for 2012?  Dang...I waited too long to reply.  I am in the East Bay.

Here are some photos:


Slider top (typical of both) 


Slider Bottoms (yes, they've been used on Moab, Death Valley, McGrew Trail, etc)


Slider Bracket (some surface rust from rocks, etc) -typical on both. Doesn't show when mounted







I want them if....bolt pattern is the same for 07 to 12?


Yes Sandy, they will fit 2012.

Thank You Nestor! 

Waited for an email response so I moved on some from Demello's house cleaning sale. Thanks for posting the pics. All you Sandyann
Hey boss still have the ome rear set up?




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