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Made a last minute decision to drive Old Coast Road in Big Sur after the Big Sur Marathon finished up last Sunday.  It's a fun easy cruise that takes you way off Hwy 1 and the rest of the tourist traffic.  If you haven't been on it, the North access point is at the North Side of Bixby Bridge and the Southern access point it across the street from the entrance of Andrew Molera State Park. 

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Man, those are some great photos!

Looks amazing thanks for sharing! Is it a fire road or is it mostly paved? I live near Oakland and have been looking for some fire roads to explore around the area.

No pavement...all dirt/gravel/small rock. This is the original road down to Big Sur before the now famous Bixby Bridge was built, which I think was around 1931 or '32.

Hello Sean , I'd like to follow your path this weekend.  Would you mind providing more details??  Thanks,


Hi John, Actually my original post was from April 2015, it seems to only recently been spotted by people though...haha. I'll be going again sometime, but not this weekend.

Cool, will file that in the back pocket for the next time we are in the area, thanks man.




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