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So i got pulled over earlier. First time ever after having my airdam lights for about 2 1/2 years now. I have had the grill guard covers on them ever since All Pro delivered them to me. I've been researching online and i've been getting 50/50 answers. Some people are running them without covers, some with grill covers like mine, etc. I've even tried finding the SOLID cover for my airdam Piaa's, but only get either colored see-thru covers or grill covers. My question is, i'm living in California. Isn't the grill guard for the lights provided by PIAA legal? As for my lightforce, i know it's legal as long as it's on the bumper. Here's a shot.

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OK cool... What ever happened? I counted your lights and looked at the VC, and I can't believe you got a ticket.

Bummer.  Maybe some place like JC Whitney has a generic slip on covers you can get and just have stashed somewhere to offer to throw on next time. 


(I pushed a patrol car around for 15 years, and never pulled anyone over for this type of thing.  But, I'm into cars too..... )

You had to push your partorl car?? Was there not Fossil fuels back then ?  hehhe Sorry I could not help myself....

Got a fix it ticket also about a year ago for the same issues.  CHP told me they need to be covered. 


I also got pulled over a few months back in Fremont, the funny thing was the cop was looking at the fj looking for something he can pull me over for and once he passed my front end and saw all the light that wasn't covered He made some crazy move just to get behind me to flash his lights / siren and so i pulled over and he told me I have to much lights exposed and it's a hefty fine and I told him I have my covers in the back and if I can just put them back on and he said ok just make sure to keep them covered and he left...
They will pull you over for not have your license plate visible.. lol.


4 black socks, solved. haha




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