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So i got pulled over earlier. First time ever after having my airdam lights for about 2 1/2 years now. I have had the grill guard covers on them ever since All Pro delivered them to me. I've been researching online and i've been getting 50/50 answers. Some people are running them without covers, some with grill covers like mine, etc. I've even tried finding the SOLID cover for my airdam Piaa's, but only get either colored see-thru covers or grill covers. My question is, i'm living in California. Isn't the grill guard for the lights provided by PIAA legal? As for my lightforce, i know it's legal as long as it's on the bumper. Here's a shot.

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in california its technically not legal to have uncovered lights in california.


did the officer actually give you a ticket?


I've gotten pulled over twice in 7 years about uncovered lights on my roof. both times the officer didn't give me a fix it ticket for either. he just stated that it was illegal and to get covers. i did buy covers for my light force 170's on my roof but never kept them on because i didn't like how they looked. you basically have to look at it the same as tinted windows. yes they are illegal, but who many cops are gonna pull you over for them? 


as for actual covers for the piaa's, I've never seen any besides the grill. just try to find a lens cap with snaps on the sides like the piaa's and in the same diameter

It's my understanding that any aftermarket  light's below your factory headlights do not require covers, anything above do.

Your lightforce light''s are a little above ?.

Yeah they're slightly above because it's wider in circumference, but are placed on the same eye level though.

Here's the law.


Here's the link to all lighting laws.


Thanks bud

Hey David,

man that's a bummer.  Where did you get the ticket?  CHP?   Why did you get pulled over?


In my experience you can usually talk your way out of fix it tickets.  Sometimes, if you get pulled over for speeding the cop gives you a break by issuing a fix it ticket instead of a ticket that causes a point. 


Are you headin to SnT?

Yeah it was on a main street only 1 block away from the place i'm renting out. I almost made it home when a motorcycle cop lit me up JUST for my roof lights. That is all. I honestly thought he was going to let me go over something so petty. I mean, i see people all over the city with the same open lens lights on the roof like mine. So overall, i really believe the cop was just being uptight about it all. When is SnT?


Just curious...was it in or near Fremont?

The reason I ask is because there is a Fremont cop who works motors (on a motorcycle) who is notorious for giving bullshit traffic tickets for things like that. He gave my buddy a fix-it ticket for not having mud flaps on a BRAND NEW truck he bought 30 minutes earlier. My friend ended up having him follow him to the dealership where the dealership had to add/modify mudflaps on their own dime.

I know this doesn't help, but hey I can't help to ask. If you can fight it, fight it. The guy in fremont in also known amongst Fremont PD to be a douche.


Another reason not to go to Fremont




Hey bud. Actually it took place in Huntington Beach.
Mine was in cerritos.  Amaesing got the same ticket in HB also.




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