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Catch a glimpse of another FJer around NorCal? Post up here!

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Sorry I missed you too. I was out running errands and wanted to go in for lunch but when I saw the crowd I headed over to Jimmy Johns instead.

Anyone know who's rig this is? Caught a glimpse of it while the beast was sleeping in the Genentech parking lot in SSF. Would love to chat about upgrades...this thing is a solid trail rig.


3-7-16 Passed today on westbound Hwy 50 at around 3:15pm near 65th St . No time for a pic, barely time to check out this grey w/white roof, no rack. FJ had no fender flares and upgrade suspension, tube front bumper. No NorCal tags. No wave.

Saw @YoseFJ again. This time I was waiting in line at Costco gas, and saw him pull into the Costco parking lot. Could not get through the line quick enough to catch you before going in. Love the new "old" vanity plates! You may have saw me at the Costco gas line, I was in my 4Runner. I have attached a reference pic for next encounter!


Nice 4Runner bud. Looking good.

Stalker. ;-)

Saw a moderately lifted green with white roof FJ with black wall mounted BFG tires and a vinyl graphic Grenade on drivers rear window. I am sure I have seen this before and thought he was a member but no NorCal graphics.

This was Thursday evening at Sutter Roseville in an employees parking lot near the power plant. I was there to do a tig welding repair on a stainless steel pot in the kitchen area. He parked next to my FJ. Saw it on the way out at around 9:30pm.

I know I have seen this FJ before, I wouldn't  forget that 18 inch long grenade vinyl.!! You here bro? Nice looking ride. 

  • Hey Everyone! New to the group. Joined because I saw a sticker on a FJ here in San Jose. I was actually looking online for the sticker and saw the group. So awesome that you guys have this community. Thanks for the add!


Thanks! Excited to see what my fellow FJ owners are doing!

Hey Welcome! Im from San Jose too. :D 

Awesome! I'm from the East Side/Alum Rock area




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