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Catch a glimpse of another FJer around NorCal? Post up here!

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Welcome! What did the FJ look like that had the sticker?

Thanks! It was a tan/sand colored one on Alum Rock Avenue.

Nobody ever sees me :(...

I get it , your trying to get this thread to page 100 !!!!

Didn't even notice but I did want to wake it up lol

I notice you on Instagram haha

I'll take it

Followed this clean stock Quicksand into Yosemite this afternoon.

Did you get a wave? I have noticed over the last few years most FJ drivers who are male do not wave or acknowledge me even at side to side driving. With women its even worse, none acknowledge's.

Oh well, just an observation I have made since 2012.

I am thinking I would love to find a Trail Teams owned by a women that has never been off road and buy it for my son, but the prices recently have been ridiculously high, will keep looking, he has 2 years go  before he can drive.

Steve, I've noticed the same thing as well :(

I was in my work ride. Someone waving from a Tahoe just isn't the same, although I've done it before. ;-)
I usually wave but don't get a return wave. Then, of course, another FJer waves to me first and I'm so surprised, I miss my chance to wave back.




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