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I think it was.  do you have two small circle stickers in your rear driver side window and a long NorcalFJ in your upper left rear window?

whoops wrong reply.

That must have been me (color and sticker placement match).

Spotted a built blue FJ on hwy 17 heading north before the summit today around 2:30 and an iceberg on hwy 1 here in santa cruz around soquel about 3 or so. Did not see any Norcal stickers though

Just moved up to Montclair in the Oakland hills. There is a guy up the street. White, DO no hoop bumper, Baja Expedition rack, and a autohome RTT. Anyone here?

coming back from a 10 hour workday today and saw a silver FJ coming from west bound 80 onto north bound 5 at my Arena off ramp. Out of state plates something like "like dirt' Had a bull bar and winch and window stickers that read

"FJ " He had a lift and a nice looking rig. We crossed  as he went left onto 5 north  and I got to my off ramp at Arena.


Hi Steve.. that was me.  Just moved back to Chico.... My FJ was shipped from Virginia and was driving back from Sac where I had to pick it up... Nice to see some nice rides out here.. looking forward to meeting some people soon.


Lifted Voodoo Blue with bumper and oversized tires in Napa Sunday around 10am.

What looked to be a TTUE with a front bumper, similar to ARB and Rims/Tires and small lift on I680 S Sunday about 8:30am

Wonder if that's the same lifted Voodoo Blue that I saw on Friday morning at the Vacaville PD?  Lifted on what looked to be black steels and lots of stickers. 

Sounds like the same one!
Red 2012 TT running behind me on Big Oak Flat Road; LED light bar and some seriously bright HID bulbs in his DRLs.
You in Yosemite again?




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