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Saw the owner of a black FJ waved at me on the corner of Taylor and Coleman in San Jose.  Sorry, I was spazzed out and didn't return the wave until you drove passed by.  I normally look out for other FJers.  I was in the silver fresco.

The was probably me I was on my way Japantown for lunch

Sweet FJ!  Wow, you have three? So jealous!

Yup 3 1965 FJ40 85 FJ60 & the 07 FJC. The 60 is my next project

Saw Steve in SF last week. Can't miss the white wheels.

good one! i was going to stick around and seek you out, but i ran out of change.

 I was rolling low profile in a non-members '07 Black Diamond and we spotted "FalkenFJ" in Castro Valley yesterday.  Trent  honked and waived!  Falken-FJ had the 1,000 yard "stocker" stare and never looked over.

HATER!   Ha!   Just kidding dude!  Are you going to Pismo?

Saw this one on Mission in Oceanside (SoCal) a few days ago.

looks like the Hemorrhoid from the front page of this thread :>)


Saw a white(?) FJ w/Baja rack last night parked on Bush. Looked like everybody was going to Hank3, too.

Saw tons of FJs on my most recent trip down to SF, I counted 37 so that is a little to many to list each one. I was on both 101 south (in the very early am) and 101 north (mid to late afternoon). Also drove around SF around Fort Miley and then downtown around the Apple store on Stockton street.

not sure if this one is a NorCal FJ member.  Spotted this FJ at Pin High Golf center a recent Saturday and didn't get a chance to meet the owner.  He didn't see my TT SE FJ because his was there on arrival and still there when I left. 

anyone recognize this snorkeler? 




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