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Wow, I guess, I am the first!!


Black FJ (california plates - non-vanity) with white NorCal decal in rear window, black rims (Love them by the way - what are they?), no roof rack, and some kind of sliders.  I wasn't able to catch up (you drive fast!), nor wave at driver.



Sunday -- Eastbound HWY238 (San Leandro) at 4:15PM between 880 and the 580 merge.  You must have been coming southbound on 880 as I was coming northbound 880.  I got off at Redwood Road in Castro Valley.


Hello, whoever you are. I want to know what kind of rims those were.  Thanks.

That souds like fakenfj
Voodoo Blue FJ stopped at the Hi Tec outlet in Oakdale on F street (Hwy108). Vanity plates AYMATEY.  I told you to check out Norcal FJs. Hope to see you on the forum!
Rohnert Park
Wow, although I like the white top, I must say, this paint job looks pretty sweet!
That is gorgeous. Looks like a 6"
Also seen an "ALL" Green Fj on the 101 w/ front and rear bumpers, looked good !
I was up in Tahoe for the past week and a half...I saw at least 50 different FJ's up there.
Hey we gotta plan a snow trip again.
I've noticed that there are a lot of FJs in the Tahoe area. Every time I go up, I see a ton.
CowboyCEO -- Did you ever find out what FakenFJ rims brands were?




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