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greetings, NorCal!


this is the official thread for all things related to NorCal FJ decals. all decals are now in stock, some fewer than others.


all decals are $5.00 each, except for the mini-NorCal FJ decal, which is $2.00. if you are interested in any, meet me at any of the socials or feel free to PM me for alternate arrangements.




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email potatomutato direct.  Thru this site. Steve usually responds right away.


i just received a small shipment to replenish stock. the only two i do not have yet are the gray and red bears on NorCal text (top two on the right in the picture).

if you have not already, please PM me with your interest. i will be mailing some out this weekend. otherwise, we can either meet up or i'll mail them out in mid-January. thanks!

Are there any decals available to purchase? Would love to represent!

It would be best to private message him, thats how I got mine.




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