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Just found out about this. Event Link to event

I have no ties to this event, just heard about it and it's here in the South Bay. If you have nothing to do today it might be worth checking out.

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I stopped by this earlier. Mostly Jeeps, a few FJ40s and some trucks. Nothing too big going on.

I had meant to stop by as well, but after working in the sun I was worn out, been recooping in the shade heh.

Hopefully  you had a nice refreshing beverage in your hand as you recouped. I was going to go but I don’t make enough money to drive through Los Gatos.

I may have indulged in a few beverages as I was cooling off. Sorry to hear about the funds, I've had to leave my FJ home far too many times than I've liked in recent memory. Just glad I got to keep it during my unemployment, I feel your pain. Next time!




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