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UPDATE! (07/25/12)

greetings NorCal! after a long wait, the latest version of the mobile site is now live! some of you may have already noticed the update. if you did not know about the update or the mobile version of, point your mobile browser to:

the update is built on HTML5 for greater flexibility across mobile devices. you now have the ability to comment on a variety of media, including discussions, events, and photos. you can also upload photos easily directly from your phone among other new functionality.

(screenshot credit: Red Leader)


in case you haven't tried it yet, NorCal FJs can be viewed in a more streamlined mobile version on your smartphones.

point your URL to: (you can even get a sneak preview by clicking this link on your computer's web browser.
yes, just add a "/m" at the end. you can still use the old URL of as well.
here is a list of things you can do from the mobile version of NorCal FJs:
* View: Latest Activity, My Page, My Photos, Members and Discussions in all Forum Categories
* Start Discussions
* Comment Back on wall posts and Add Comments on friends' walls
* Send Messages to friends
* Upload Photos
* Invite Friends (send invitations directly from your phone!)
you also have the option of visiting the regular site as well. uploading content via your network account email is still enabled.
the pagination is still a bit cumbersome for the longer discussions (see High Sierra and Surf N Turf threads) as you will still need to click "Next" at the bottom of the page and iPhone users still can't view Flash-enabled videos and slideshows. However, it is my understanding that the network providers are weighing HTML5 & CSS3 as an option in the not-so-distant future. Android-enabled smartphone users should not have any issues at this time.

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yeah, seems smoother and more functionality, but same here, no PM access, at least on iPhone, so I go to full version(desktop view on the drop down) to reply to them as I get notifications  thru my gmail.

good catch! yes, for the time being access is limited to pages in the community. that being said, PMs and chat functionality have ranked high on the list and will most likely make the roadmap...PM-ing at a minimum.

hey! 7 of those first 8 photos are of my rig! looks like im famous or something 

well, whaddya know!...and it's been more than 15 minutes too! heh

Saw this last night. Much easier. That Steve.


Awesome!  HTML5 rocks.

I'm lovin' the new mobile set up Tater!!!
glad you are enjoying the user experience. we know it was a long time coming, but hopefully it was worth the wait.

I just found this thread.. what an improvement !!

This its really great, browsing with my phone is much easier. I do have problems finding the discussion list part of the forum however. It usually requires me to switch to desktop version of the website.
I especially like how you used my discussion thread to showcase the mobile layout as well ;)
Great job potato




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