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NorCal FJs has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community -- the FJC community and the community at large. Below are a few ways that NorCal FJs continues to give back and we highly encourage all members to get involved in one way or another.


Stephen J. Wampler Foundation


NorCal FJs began working with the Wampler Foundation back in 2007 when opg4759 coordinated efforts with the Northern California Xterra Club and has contributed transportation services for their wilderness program each summer ever since.


The wilderness program offers a challenging and rewarding experience for children with disabilities. It has been designed to promote independence, responsibility and self-confidence. The annual program takes place at Hawley Lake in Northern California's beautiful Lakes Basin region.



Volunteer: Transportation services to/from camp and the staging site. NorCal FJs transport children, counselors, staff and equipment.


Monetary: Along with individual contributions, NorCal FJs donated a portion of the proceeds from the AllCal 2010 prize drawing to the foundation. The remaining portion was donated to the BlueRibbon Coalition.


NorCal FJs Liaison

Contact: opg4759




BlueRibbon Coalition


Many members of NorCal FJs have been contributing to the BlueRibbon Coalition by participating in various fundraisers and by becoming members.


The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible use of public and private lands, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. It represents over 10,000 individual members and 1,200 organization and business members, for a combined total of over 600,000 recreationists nationwide.



Monetary: Aside from individual contributions through donations and membership dues, NorCal FJs contributed a significant portion of proceeds from the AllCal 2010 prize drawing.


NorCal FJs Liaison

Contact: Boss73 or potatomutato



Tread Lightly!


Many NorCal FJ members are members of Tread Lightly! and some have become Tread Lightly! trainers.


Tread Lightly! is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship.



Volunteer: Aside from becoming members of Tread Lightly!, NorCal FJs has consistently promoted Tread Lightly! principles on all of its trail runs and at all of its events. A few members continue to educate fellow outdoor recreationists through Tread Lightly! awareness workshops and Tread Trainer training sessions.


NorCal FJs Liaison

Contact: Boss73 or potatomutato



Eldorado National Forest


Members of NorCal FJs have enjoyed for years the trails and outdoor recreational activities that the Eldorado National Forest offers. In 2011, NorCal FJs looks forward to giving back to Eldorado NF by adopting one of its trails.



Volunteer: Adoption of Long Canyon trail. NorCal FJs has teamed up with Eldorado National Forest to perform volunteer duties on Long Canyon Trail. Basic duties include clearing the trail of debris, trail maintenance, and signage repairs as needed. Long Canyon Trail is the first trail to be adopted by NorCal FJs.


NorCal FJs Liaison

Contact: DWH or potatomutato



Hollister Hills SVRA


Site of AllCal 2010, Hollister Hills SVRA has long been a favorite amongst NorCal FJs members. The park offers a variety of terrain for OHV enthusiasts of all skill levels.



Volunteer: NorCal FJ members participate in the annual Hollister Hills Cleanup Day organized by park volunteer, James Dutra of Mobworthy. Many members have also signed up for the ongoing volunteer program sponsored by the park.


NorCal FJs Liaison

Contact: Boss73



Want to get involved? Contact the group liaisons listed above or send a PM to potatomutato.


We highly encourage every member to get involved in one way or another. There is nothing more rewarding than to give back to the sport and community you love.

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it's great to hear that the StepCalers are looking into adopting a trail in the Los Padres National Forest. they're efforts will be added to the list above once details are finalized.


NorCal FJs is committed to the ongoing effort of keeping open our trails and public lands for all outdoor recreationists. as a result, we are seeking an aggressive 50% member participation rate every year by the end of 2012. can we do it?!


more details to come.

thanks to all who have contributed/continue to contribute year after year to the community. with 700+ members, we hope to see more participation. there's nothing more satisfying than giving back to the sport and community you thrive in and having fun at the same time. see ya out there!




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