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Greetings NorCaliens!

You've been asking for them and now they are finally here! NorCal FJ decals will be available beginning at Surf N Turf!

There will be three different decals to choose from: original flavor, beariant and juss the text. Decals are $5.00 each or $12.00 for all three! See decal descriptions and photos of two them below! Contact potatomutato for more details.

* Original Flavor - this decal is the same version of the NorCal base logo, only in white. It would look great on your rear window with mud on it. It measures approximately the same size as a CD.

* Beariant - this decal is the notorious variant logo of the bear perched atop NorCal, only in white. Perfect for those who like to exhibit deviant behavior, but still blend in with innocent strangers.

* Juss the Text - If you are paranoid of bears or believe the quadrupeds will be attracted to stickers with their cousins on it, then this is the decal for you. Nothing but text. Looks great across your rear window, on a roof rack bar or your favorite billy club.

Pictured: Original Flavor and Juss the Text (Icon decal available through Icon)
Just added: mock-up of the Beariant logo (actual decal will be very similar)

FJ courtesy of mattmainster

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WOw those look great !!

Now go to bed cuz your up as late as I am !! LOL
glad you made it back ok. must've been a long drive. would've been better if your rig was sporting the new decals!
Yeah that was a long damn ride !!

Good to see you and BZ..

Now I just need to make it through the day !!

WOW am I Tired !!
Decal's are effin SWEET....:-)
Yep I'll take a set of all three. Nice work guys. I guess that makes $32 bucks and beer I owe you at SNT. Any chance the bear can come in color like the logo? are on the mark.

we have plans to create full-color stickers eventually. just need to find a way to make it cost-effective for everyone because we want to have many different versions to choose from. stay tuned!
deffinately want a green one(redwoods?)
We have just updated the image with a mock-up of the Beariant logo. The actual decal will be very similar to this one.
Looks cool Man !! things just keep getting better!!!!
I like it. I can't wiat to SNT to get them.
yup, they'll be available at SnT. the decals are in white.

now that is sexy!




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