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Hey guys.

Got my FJ in September and I'm looking forward to meeting up with some folks that know some fun off-road trails.  I'm originally from the Phoenix area so I don't know the good backroads and trails in the area.  I'm trying to find out if there are meetings/socials or when the next time some people are getting together.

I love to hunt, shoot and camp!

I'm in the Sacramento area.


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Shoot and camp? That sounds like me!...Welcome to the forums

Wow, coming from Arizona to California, you're going to hate how dumb our gun laws our... lol


Welcome EJ to Northern Ca. Keep an eye on the Events board for trips. We have had  almost no snow so far this year so our trips into El Dorado National Forest may come up sooner than last year.

Steve Hope

Thanks guys.  I'm looking forward to getting into some dirt and off the pavement with my FJ!  I'll keep an eye on the Events board.

Howdy from Clovis!




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