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I joined Nor Cal FJ about two and a half weeks ago and forgot to introduce myself,Oops. I live in East Sacramento and have already seen how helpful and friendly fellow members and the site can be. Grif, Ghost and putatomutato have made my welcome to the site very cool. Can't wait until a meet and greet, does anybody know if there will be one anytime soon? Well if you see a slightly lifted titanium FJ with black rockstar rims on 33" mud grapplers. Wave a hand and don't boo at the new york yankees license plate frame cause that would be me. Can't wait to ride with you all,Thanks.  

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Welcome aboard.  Im located in Roseville,  Im hosting a mod day this saturday and you are welcome to stop by.  Check the event section for details.



Right on thanks for the reply.
Welcome to the site!  I will keep an eye out for you.  Go Giants ;)
Welcome to the site Hope to meet ya soon!

welcome, Rodriguez! glad you found us.


be sure to check out the NorCal FJ Event Calendar for the latest in socials and trail runs, the Site Information & Help discussion category for features/functionality of the site, and the Resources tab for additional useful information.


hope to catch you soon!

Hello, welcome...Yankees Suck!
Welcome to the site! Im down in Pleasanton but occasionally make it up to Sacramento.  Hope to see you around soon!






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