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I just bought a 2013 Trails Edition for my wife. She loves the truck and I'm looking forward to having some fun with it too. We'll be very interested in your advice. The first must have is a tow hitch. I can't believe it's not a standard feature. Is the OE hitch strong / versatile enought for recovery or should I be looking an aftermarket solution? We'll be using the FJ to tow a small 2500 lbs trailer for our band about once a week so the hitch will be used a lot.

We're in El Dorado Hills and look forward to meeting you.


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The OE hitch is very solid and can be used for recovery.  Welcome to FJ-Cruiser land : )


Howdy from Yosemite!

Yeppers, OEM hitch will work fine.
Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the group.

Steve Hope.

The trailer I have is 2000 empty. The OE hitch handles the trailer plus the load with no problem.
I am in Placerville and commute to EDH for work. Maybe I will see you around.

Thanks for all the info on the hitch.  I bought and installed the OE hitch yesterday.  I still can't believe they don't include any provisions for a break controller.  I guess that will have to be another project for another day.


Guys, thanks for all the welcomes and responses to my hitch question!

DWH, we just moved to El Dorado Hills from Elk Grove this month.  Still getting use to the new area...  Do you have any suggestions as to local entry level trails with about 75 miles of El Dorado Hills?  It would be great to meetup sometime!


You could go to Prairie City OHV just south of Folsom. The El Dorado National Forest is about 45 minutes east on Highway 50. There are many trails closed in the EDNF so be sure to pick up a current map before you go.

I lead several cleanup runs per year on our adopted trail (Long Canyon Trail) in the EDNF. Keep an eye for those, there should be one coming up shortly. It is a pretty easy trail. It is also one of the closed trails, so we have to get a permit to use it. 

Otherwise there are many books and websites that list trails in the area. is a good one.

welcome! i'm also looking into getting an OEM hitch as ive been "hitch-less" since '07 and its jut too good of a feature to not have. cheapest place i've found online is the trdparts4u site. 






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