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Thanks to Nestor we got my new suspension completed today. Ready for KM2's. 

Then I will be ready for the trail run on the 10th Sept.

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Looks great. No one better than him!

You got that right, Nestors' the Toyota Man. Great knowledge, great person. This might be the third time he has worked on my FJ. I hope I can get all the upgrades done by Nestor before he retires!!!!

Looks awesome...nice color matter too.  Yes, Nester = Quality.  The blue room did a feature on Nester (member of the month), it highlighted how great of a guy he is.  But, I already knew he was a cool dude.

Can you send a link to that feature? Thanks John.

That was cool, thanks for sharing.

Awesome!  Post some overall pics when you've got your new tires on.

new km2's

and here;

one more:

Alignment today then added LCA skids after a meeting with the rattle can

The finishing touch;




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