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new polls will be added on the bottom left of the home page from time to time. when they are, this thread will be bumped.

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a new one regarding social media use has been posted!
you didnt have the option for none.  i have an account on a facebook, but never use it.
x2, I want to check none
no vote = none.
Ya but then we're not counted in the poll. Guess that depends on your purpose though.
new poll has been posted! tell us what kind o' wheelin' you like...NOW!

Mall crawler


new poll has been added! we're working on a calendar of certification programs with Sweet Otter, so let us know what your CPR certification status is!
new poll has been added! tell us how you access the many forum discussions from the Main (Home) Page of this site. multiple answers are ok!

new poll is up on the main page! what will you do with your FJC during the winter?

according to the last poll, it seems like many of you will be active in your FJC this winter:

  • Use it as a snow shuttle up to the ski resorts - 17
  • Take it snow wheeling - 16
  • Take it fishing and camping...rain, schmain. - 13

way to enjoy the seasons, NorCal!

new poll is up! how many times do you plan to enjoy a trail, OHV, or SVRA in 2012?




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