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Ready for Transmission service.

You could really go to 100K. Then 50K thereafter. I'm at 240K and I've done three fluid changes. But more often is certainly better than not often enough.

Did you do the entire fluid change ?  If so, how many quarts did it take? Did you use the upper line to the cooler to drain using the engine running and did it take two people so that one can be adding fluid to the fill hole at the same time? Blue room not totally specific on this and it seems to be old info.  

Id like to get your input, thanks.

I need to do it again before Summit so I'll review my notes and get back to you.

From memory:

I did the drain and fill method. Don't recall which hose and quantity but I ran the engine to drain into a gallon "milk type" container. (Have to be careful to turn engine off a little early) Then fill identical container to the same level with new fluid and add to fill hole. Run engine again and repeat until new fluid is draining.

I'll be looking for my notes soon.

Good thanks.

I found this and it's almost exactly what I did:

I woulod have about 16 quarts of ATF on hand.

I may be adding a tranny cooler with my next fluid change so I need to do a little more research.

Thanks a lot, that will be great help when I get back from vacay. Thank you. 

I was not aware that pre-2010 FJ's did not have a trans fluid cooler, must have been part of that big change up in that year.

Again many thanks for this post.

I always do tranny services at this mileage in this area. It is often over 100 F in the summer here and heat is the biggest wear factor on A/T's . Nice that Toyota gave us a drain plug!! I have performed this service on Dodge Ramcharger, Chevy K-5 Blazer and Chevy S-10 Blazer over the years and non of them had a trans drain plug! That was always fun lowering that heavy full pan to a drain bucket.!

Should be fun.  And, I probably should have done it prior to 100K. That was per Toyota but I think it was intended for the mall'rs.




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