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So, I drove 20 hours (1176 Miles) this weekend up to Newberg, Oregon (Portland suburb) to have Metal Tech install their new Heavy long travel suspension. They expressed up the first pair so that I could have them for the Rubicon run next week. The other 49 pair will go standard freight once the Spring manufacturer finishes the run.

I'll have action photos when I return.

The additional heavy rating really helped with the tippy-ness that would have happened with the old set up. We removed the sway bar, so it still leans in the turns, but that's to be expected with the roof top tent.

Before (with 285/75 16 - 32.5" height)

After (with 35 x12.50 17):


Basically, I gained a little more than an inch of lift height over the OME heavies, as I have the same tire clearance after with the taller tires. total height gain (tires and lift) was 2.50".

The greatest gain was the additional 7" of droop. I "turtled" a couple of time last year, and don't expect that to happen this year. We'll know in a week

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cool, ive been looking into the LT metal tech suspension but was worried about weight.. have they officially announced these?

They have been discussing it in the Blue Room, but it's not on their page yet. I think they want to wait until the springs are in hand, given the problems / grief over the "red eye" bumper

just hopped over there and checked out the thread... very cool!

What's the grief over the red eye? I'm dying for a swing out. I'm in Oregon once a month and went by to see them and it seemed red eye was well on its way and then nada... what's up?

for real man!! I've been waiting on that thing since they first teased it! I'm confident that when it is ready, it will be awesome.. but its just been SOOOO LONG.

You selling your OME?
Yes. They're the rears only, and in the for sale section for $250

Thats  a pretty sweet set up ! I cannot wait until you post some action shots !

Looks good!  Makes me want to rush into getting my MT LT setup sooner.

Looks great, and to be able to put it through the test so quickly. Good luck, be sure to post pictures up. These days the only wheeling is back and forth to the Prius

How was the new suspension on the trail? What are your reasons for going with the new "heavy" spring? What suspension do you have on the front? How does it feel on the highway, or on dirt roads at speed?

This looks very interesting...I especially like that there is more height in the rear as most rear springs seem to be a bit short so they will be more "leveling". I have some Icons with 700# springs on order for the front, but just didn't see anything out there that was interesting for the rear. It would be great to have the droop, yet still have enough spring rate to control the load.

Was up guys I love my lt and have tons of action pics by far the best mod ever!!! But not to hijack your post. Why not stick with the 16???? I went down to a 16 in wheel from an 18. Well if ever in this area again I live in McMinnville 20 min away from metal tech




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