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Hello Everyone! My name is Paul. I've owned my FJ for about a year now and I like it allot! Been a tacomaworld member for 5 years now but, i don't have a tacoma anymore so i figured i'd join a fj forum. Wish I found out about this forum sooner! 

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Hey Paul, welcome aboard.

There are several FJrs in the Sac area. check the "Events" section of this site.


San Ramon

Welcome Paul. I go out to Folsom lake with my wife and 2 hounds a couple of times a week.  If you go out there and see a voodoo blue fj, that's me.  Come over and say hey!  I'm looking to take a cruise up thru Georgetown into the snow soon too.  If you haven't gone up that way, its pretty cool.  Judging by your picture though, I'm sure you probably have.  Nice looking fj.

Thanks. I'll keep an eye out. I see a blue FJ with a snorkel pretty often around the citrus heights, orangevale area is that you by any chance?

No that's not me.  I want to get a snorkel but just haven't gotten around to it.  Finally just bought me some decent tires and sliders and bilsteins all the way around.  Gonna finally get the rear shocks put on today after work, possibly the sliders too.  The snorkel is on the list.  If you see a rottie and a german shepherd running around, that will be us.   

Welcome aboard man, I am in Natomas and often drive Hwy 50 to the snow. Best we can get now with the road closed is Mormon Immigrant Trail at Sly Park exit. I drive a 2012 TTSE and will be at the gathering in Fairfield as seen on the events page. Hope to see you soon.


Have you been up to the snow via Georgetown past Stumpy Meadows to the Uncle Tom's Cabin area?  I have to do a BMC this weekend but am looking to head out to do some snow driving and snow shoeing in another week or so.

No, haven't been through that way yet. We usually go through La Porte but, I wouldn't mind checking it out.




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