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New FJ build -- looking for recommendations - Bumper, Winch, Air Compressor, lift, lights, etc...

I could really use your help with suggestions...  I've just bought a new 2013 FJ Trail Edition for my wife, and now it's time to have some fun with it.  We're looking to add a front bumper, winch, air compressor, lights and at least level it or lift it some.   Ultimately we would like to be able to run 33" tires without giving up any travel (if that's even possible on a relatively small budget).

I was originally hoping to get the Warn Power Pack (winch and compressor), but it seems that my bumper choices are very limited.  I definitely want a good air compressor since that's something that I'll use almost every time I go out.

I've done some reading, but it seems that a lot of the messages are old and out of date.  If you were to build out a new FJ, what would be your dream build? 



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Can I have your roof light bar for free? :-)

If I build a light bar to house bigger lights, I'll let you know about my current light bar. 

Alan, I had Central 4wd on Auburn Blvd in Sac do the ARB and Smittybilt install. After I drove around for a week to let things settle and figure out what was needed, they then  installed the Ready-lift levelling kit and the ARB fog lights that I had no idea were availlable ast the time.They had Linville Bros, do the alignment after that instal. I use stock Bilsteins in the TTSE version, stock springs everything good because I have a requirement that my FJ fit in my garage, it does even with the hi-lift on the back of the roof rack.I think it is as tall as it needs to be. I also added a Boztec  steel diff cover because that diff is cast aluminum and  I scraped it pretty good on Long Canyon trail once.

My next mod, soon, will be the ARB rear bumper.

Steve. Hope

Steve, thank you very much for the report!!!  The guys at Central seem pretty cool...  I stopped in a couple days ago to pick their brains...  I would like to leverage local shops as much as possible.  How long did it take to get your ARB bumper in after ordering it?  What year is your TTSE?  I've got the 2013...  Do you know if the ARB bumper has provisions for the windshield fluid reservoir or are there modifications required?

BTW, last weekend my wife and I made it out (much later than expected).  We ventured out to the Barney Riley Trail near Markleeville...  This was our first outing in the new FJ...  We had a blast!

I hope to make it out with you sometime...  Let me know if you plan to go out again and would like some company.


Yes, Central are better at discounting than 4Wheel parts,. Arb shipped the next day from their hq in Seattle, arrived in 2 days motor-freight.I have the highly camo'd bright red 2012 TTSE !!!!  Arb front bumper covers windshield res no prob. Look at my pics on my page.

Steve Hope


Hey if you ever want any custom armor or body mount chops or ect. let me know!




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