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Just want to see where this might go.

1/4" steel, 1/2" U Bolt connection to the axle, 3/4" steel cradle in the front held together with 2 ea 7/16-20 bolts.

I'll have one installed by 5/18 and I'll have one for show and tell at the Nor Cal/SO Call meet.
btw, we installed this twice today, first time took 10 minutes on my rig and on the second
vehicle we used took maybe 5 minutes.

No "how much" yet, I'll have that figured out by early next week.

Lemeknow, I'll se about makin' more.

I added a view of the E Locker, rather, how it's covered. I hope to add more metal
to the corner for even better coverage but won't know till the Buds are on.

Update 5/18:
I was able to spend some time on this today and here's kind of where it stands now, HOWEVER, I do not have any Powdercoating or Painting in these numbers.

Retail price in the $375 range, give or take 5 or 10 %

But, my thought is to run an AllCal special, something like any orders taken from say now until Monday'ish get a price of $275 give or take depending on how many people want them.

Just think, For a hundred buck less, you could be the first one on your block to have the new BozTec rear diff skid, how cooool would that be?

Let me know.

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Looks pretty cool

Like I said in the pic I like the design and how well it protects

Me like..

Have you thought bout a e-locker plate ???
Just wondering...
It pretty much has the E locker covered. I'll do a slight mod after I get my Buds installed
just because I don't know how the fixed gas tank skid is going to interface with the dynamic
diff skid. More testing will be required of course (read, more beers into the evening hours at the shop)

I had to leave a little clearance for the corner of the gas tank, which I hope to fill in a bit, but you'd be
hard pressed to whack the E locker with anything but the absolute worst of luck.
Bud-built compatibility is important... a lot of people seem to have Bud's

A request: why don't you use metric bolts, to stay compatible with the rest of the FJ?
Good Point, Never thought about that.
However, Metric U Bolts May not be that available off the shelf and, this is a one time installation.
11 mm fine thread up front, I don't care, if that's what people want it's only a small programming
change. As long as 11 mm fine thread alloy fasteners are available, cool, but not gonna use any
shizzy materials on this project. I would supply you with an sae socket first.

Good input, all will be considered.
I am Only Wondering cuz a friend of mine whacked his (on his 4runner).

But your right that yours looks like it will cover and protect most everything.

I cannot wait to see it...

when the test fit was done the e-locker was protected from the diff skid.
ahh.. sae hardware!

I am interested in diff armor none the less
i'm interested...may have to wait until i'm employed again, but definitely interested. and if i ever take it off, at least i'll have a place to set my Slurpee.
Cool work I like it too

Managed to get # 2 together and mostly welded today. Should be painted Monday.

Unless something goes crazy tomorrow, I should have a cost to do at least a 10 or 20 run.

I'm waiting on a couple of costs to come in and the light bar should have a number as well soon after.
A little update on price and an AllCal special.
See above.
dude very nice!
btw load displacement?,
mounting hardware load capacities
considered and disclosed!

Please be careful my friend!
Liability can be a bitch!

Not withstanding,
Git Ur Dun!




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