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So I bought a matching rim for my spare, and had the 5th tire mounted. After I sold my stock spare. Guess what? The hole in the center of my new Moto Metal rim is too small for the center post of the spare/camera mount. WTF?!

First picture is what I don't have:

Second Picture is what mine looks like: 

Third picture is my rig with the style of rims I have. 

Any Ideas? Maybe someone has the other style spare mount I can swap with? Shave it down? Anyone else have this issue?

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Did you check or measure the bore (hole) of your current rims and the new (spare) rim.?

The bore should be 108mm or larger to clear the hub centric or the camera mount. BTW, how are your current rims/tires mounted... are you using non hub centric wheel spacers?

I have the older (pic 1) spare tire carrier.

If you swap to the older one, you have to relocate/remount your backup camera.

Hey Nestor,

My current rims are the same as my new spare. I had been using the stock spare the whole time and just now got around to ordering a matching spare. The stock spare has a massive bore, and my current rims have a much smaller one. I see their almost and inch in diameter different. 

I am not using any spacers. These rims are -12mm

I think my only option is to cut the welds on the spare mount center post, remove the camera, cut a notch in my aftermarket center cap, and remount the camera there.

Now I just need a die grinder and cutting wheel!


Thanks Nestor

I'm confused. If your aftermarket rims have a smaller bore than the stock ones, how can they fit on the hubs? Or is the stock spare different from the other 4 stock rims? I'd assume that the stock rims are hub-centric and don't require spacers, so how could a rim with the smaller bore fit???

The 'bore' on the hubs are smaller than the 'post' on the spare mount. I'll take pictures. 

Are you sure your new spare is exactly the same as your existing aftermarket rims? Maybe the same product is available with different bores (but the same stud pattern) for different applications....

Positive. The center caps are identical.

Ok, so if you look at the second picture in my original post, you can see there is a large amount of space between the stock 'bore' and the spare tire 'post'. 

Here I have attached two photos. One showing the Moto Metal bore, mounted on my hubs.

I left the setting the same and tried to slide it over the spare tire 'post'. No go. 

I think the MotoMetals fit on the hubs because the hole tapers on the backside. 

EDIT_I'll take a picture of the backside of the rim so you can see.

Ahh! Yeah, the taper would explain it.

Maybe you could shave down the camera mount, but probably wouldn't look pretty. If you can come up with a way to fabricate a camera mount in the center-cap for your new spare that's probably the way to go....

I totally agree. I'm going to start with trying to shave the post a bit. Once I cut the welds, it's done.

Here's the inside pic




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