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I'm going to keep you guys informed here. 

Here are my previous posts from the blue room together. Updates will come as replies.

02-28-2013, 11:52 AM

Going in Tuesday for my second TOB repair. At 50k now. I told him all about the forum info. They have seen me too many times and he is a pretty cool rep, so I'm hoping he's goes a little beyond the TSB to keep me from coming back. Especially since I'll be at 60k in no time. I'll pin him down for something in my history stating that if it comes back after 60k, that it should be covered. Ugh.

03-06-2013, 10:37 PM

Well, got my car back. They didn't replace the TOB. It was squeaking, which is why I brought it in. 

Here is the text directly from the service record:

"Confirmed customer complaint. Found when clutch depressed there is a squeaking sound. Opened TAS case and informed toyota of concern and was advised to lube diaphragm and recheck.
When clutch is pressed noise goes away.
As per TAS, lubed diaphragm with grease. Started vehicle and no more squeak is heard when clutch is depressed or pressed. Test drove vehicle again and found while driving squeak came back. Called TAS again and was told to remove transmission and inspect. Removed Transmission. Inspected throw out bearing and fork. and found pivot ball rusted and has lack of lubrication. Was advised to clean up rust and apply grease. Cleaned rust and applied grease. Reinstalled transmission and test drove and found no more squeak when driving. Pivot ball not accessible with transmission in for lube. Drove vehicle ten miles and no squeak coming from transmission at this time."

03-07-2013, 10:21 AM

Hey guys,
I'm not too concerned at this time. First, they already replaced my TOB per the TSB about 20k ago. Second, the squeak is gone, and the shifts seem smoother and tighter (placebo?). Third, this, and the original is all documented, and even though I'm at 50k, I've been assured, on record, by two different reps, that if anything else remotely related to the TOB occurs, they'll take care of it. Fourth, I think this counts as strike 2 against my 4 strikes lemon law? Not the most important part, but something to consider.
So yeah, the squeak is gone, but I'm keeping a close eye/ear on it. If anything happens, it's going back, and it's only 10 minutes from my house, and if they keep it overnight, free rental car.
I'm satisfied, at this time. 

03-09-2013, 08:50 AM

So no surprise here.
Woke up yesterday morning to head to Tahoe. Noise is back. Called my rep (who was out the day I got my car back), and his first words were, 'I figured you'd be back'. He read the report and was himself disgusted with what went down. He said he's never taking a day off again, and I have to say, the first time I went to this dealer, I was given the rep that stood in for him, I never went back to him. Found a great rep, and never went to anyone else until he left the company. My new rep is his replacement, and although this situation is unfortunate, he has always been on top of things and stays in contact. I would never go to this other guy again (Eli-Dublin Toy). It's not that he's not friendly, I just found he would forget to call me, give me incorrect info, and then be like, oops, and just not 'get the job done'.
Anyways, he said pulling the tranny and doing NOTHING, was ridiculous. Told me to bring it in Monday, they'd give me a rental, and he's not letting it leave the dealer until he's positive that it is fixed.
I'll keep you posted.

03-13-2013, 10:51 AM

So I took it back yesterday morning. They called Toyota (I know we talked some **** about 'how come they needed to call Toy? You have to realize they have already done the TSB already, and it has the 'updated part', so on their end, without reading forums, they want to dot their I's, and cross their T's by including corporate in all their records). Toyota had them dismantle it again, I think they lubed it again, and then this morning, (they kept it) the squeak came back. Now they are measuring the diaphragm, or something. My rep said he called in the regional engineer, and will keep escalating it until it is truly fixed. He is hoping, and expectant, he said, that my car might be the one to cause a serious review and revision of the throwout bearing TSB to include any additional changes they make now.

I'll have more info later today, or tomorrow and keep you updated. FYI, this is Dublin Toyota in CA.

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thanks! I have a 2010 6mt at about 26K miles and no squeak yet... hopefully it stays that way but if not, I hope toyota will have figured out the true problem by then.

Yeah. Either way you'll get around 20 out of the TOB TSB.

Wrote this on my phone. Should have also said, your welcome, and my pleasure. I hope you never get the squeak. On the blue room is a poll, and not everyone got it. :)

FYI, They are working on it tomorrow morning and are replacing another part. I will wait until I have the work order in hand so I don't mess up any details to post. :)

are they doing this under warranty?

Yes. Any work around the squeak. Since I logged it in 20k ago, even if I'm past 60k they'll do it. I'm at 52k now.
Luckkyyy.... I broke my ring and pinion in the rear and still had warrenty and they would not honor it because i have a lift oversized tires and snorkel glad they are honoring yours!
Hope they fix it yo!

RJ, I also have a lift, oversized tires and a snorkel, and when I started to have problems with my auto tranny at 95k I took it in and my extended warranty covered a complete tranny replacement. You need to fight them on that kind of bullshit. My truck was lifted by the Dealer and it had 285-17's on the lot when I bought it. 

I did my throw out bearing under warranty not too long ago and I haven't had a squeak or chirp since. I took mine to San Francisco Toyota and it stayed there for one day. Hopefully the squeak doesn't come back. . . 


Got it back today. No Squeak. They actually repaired it last night, but wanted to keep it over night to hear it this morning and take it for another drive. 

Here is the text from the WO:

"Customer states that the noise from the transmission is back. Check and advise.

At idle, squealing noise with truck running.

Noise from transmission area. Noise goes away when clutch is pressed in. Noise was gone and noise came back after about 10 miles since last visit.

#4004 Road tested confirmed noise from clutch area.

Confirmed movement back and forth of clutch release bearing.

Squeak matches movement. Called TAS (130640286 previous case)

Informed to remove transmission assembly and inspect clutch cover finger for height difference. Confirmed lowest between highest have .7mm max difference. Informed FTS and sent data pictures of cover fingers.

FTS informed replacement of clutch cover and clean and lube clutch fork, clutch release bearing and sleeve with moly lube.


Condition caused by clutch cover uneven surface causing clutch release bearing to squeak on shaft.

#4004 and #3764 removed trans assembly and replaced clutch cover and lubed clutch release bearing and fork with moly lube. Road tested and rechecked for noise. None heard. Suggest longer road test to confirm condition repaired. 


31210-60280 Cover Assy, Clutch

Rep: Mike Ganenko, Dublin Toyota 925-551-0620

That should do it.

I was there around 4ish today, wanted to see if they had a bolt i needed.

Too bad I missed you. I picked it up at 12 noon.

We'll have to meet up soon.




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