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Hi all.  Hope this topic/question isn't already somewhere on here that I couldn't find.  Anyway, I'm wondering what kind of motor oils you all run?  I have an 07 that is near 120k and I'm getting ready to change the oil and wonder what would be the best to put in there.  I've previously just gone to the local oilstop and had them put in Castrol high mileage, but wonder if there is something better I could or should be using.


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Follow your manuals recommendations for viscosity .

07-'09 5w30
'10+ 0w20 Full synthetic

I use Kendall GT+1 and its available online for $5.25 a qt. I buy 2 cases at a time to get that price. Royal Purple is over $10 a qt but is not 2X as good! Just a personal preference there but buy the grade the manual recommends .

For 2010 up the service interval is 10K miles, I usually go no more that 8k. 


Mobil 1 full synthetic 5w30 oil from Costco all day. I got 122K.

Your putting 122k miles on an oil change? :>)

OMG. Thats too funny.

You can join Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers who did something similar by quitting to change the oil in a 1970's Dodge Dart for the heck of it. He He. Yeah, why bother. :>)

lol. No every oil change I use Mobil 1.

Sorry for not spelling it out accurately.  Yep, I know about the owners manual, (yes still have mine), No I haven't put on 122k on an oil change.  Don't know how "I have, an 07 that is near 120k and I'm getting ready for an oil change " gets construed as I've put 122k on the oil currently in the vehicle.  What I was asking is does any one use Lucas Oil or any of those other types of oils in their vehicles?  Any specific oil that you guys would recommend over the other.  I know prices are all over the spectrum so thought I'd ask the people that might know.  I've put the Kendall GT=1 and the Mobil 1 on my list to compare.

Bud, we are just having a bit of fun with that mileage thang, don't worry about it.

Kendall is available at for about <$5.50 qt when you buy 2 cases, 24 qts.

Any oil that satisfies Toyota recommendations is good. I think a lot of other oils are overpriced and do nothing extra but soak your wallet. I work with guys who swear by Royal Purple but its $10 qt!! Its your choice.

I also buy Toyota brand oil cartridges  by the case from Toyota of Dallas at because they have a great price, about $50 for a case of 10.

I think if you can get Mobil 1 for $5 qt thats a deal, I might buy  it too at that price cos my wife's Porsche has that oil as a recommendation too.

Good luck and try not to get robbed!

Quick look at  shows Kendall GT-1 is $44 for a case of 12. Mobil One at same grade is $42 case of 6.

And Pennzoil same grade is $42 for a case of 6. So Kendall is half price and I have been running it since my 2012 TTSE was new in 2012, 6 oil/cartridge  changes and now have 55k miles, no issues.

btw, the reason I bought 2 cases from psc is that If I remember correctly, there was no shipping charge at that amount and out of state, so no sales tax either. Ready for another buy, I just noticed I only have 3 qts on my shelf!! 





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