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I have some time off in mid April and was thinking about doing a Mojave road run and wanted to see if anybody might be interested in coming along. It would probably be a Saturday though Tuesday thing.

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Man that is an awesome run! See my pics for my Mohave trip a little over a year ago. Wish I could join you. Just be ready for serious wind at night and COLD temps!

Yeah i have been wanting to do it and figured i would plan while i have the chance. Thanks for the heads up on the wind and temps. The desert is a harsh mistress.

Looks like the tentative dates will be leaving the evening of friday april 25th or early saturday the 26th through the 29th. I think i possibly might have member Chris Z. joining. If anyone else is available lets do this.

could be possible I will find out what my PTO is and let you know soon 

Anybody who has done the mojave road have any suggestions for best camping spot/detours etc. any input would be appreciated. Trying to plan out a few more things. 

Hmmm I might want to come along. I definitely have the vacation time, just need to see how busy it will be around then.

So my plan is to run the mojave road west to east leaving early saturday april the 26th head to barstow for gas/break and on to afton campground for saturday night then knock out 70-80mi sunday probably camping at pleasant view/rock springs and complete on monday staying the night in laughlin and heading home tuesday the 29th.  


Any input appreciated and lets get some solid i'm in's.I want to do this but will not do alone and i know you do to lol.

I need to check my vacation days, but I'm definitely interested. And my buddy wants to go too so he needs to see if he can get those days off too.

Now posted in the events section.

A little under 2 weeks out. Looks like Just ChrisZ and i at this time.

Coming up quick anybody else going to join us?




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