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I'm just wondering if I am the only one who seems to stockpile parts in the hopes of one day installing them haha. I have a ton of stuff I need to install on my truck but just can't make time to do it. Just wondering if I'm the only one! If not maybe we can set up a wrench day somewhere and just help everyone out. Here is my list of stuff I still need to do: body lift, links, boztec skid, trd cai install and attach it to snorkel, roof lights x4, move cb to springtail straddle, all pro rear springs to replace my toytec, more aggressive bmc and weld it since it's held together with duct tape lol, remove fender flares, repaint sliders, fix arb fog light inserts since they rattle like crazy. Geeze that's all I can think of off the top of my head..

Anyone else lol I should take a picture of the pile o parts that has overtaken a bedroom in my house!

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Um.. i make time to put a mod each would kill me not to put em on.

We had regular "Install days" back when the FJ was new. 07 - 09. All I can suggest is to find a place (not easy) and plan ahead about two to three weeks. They will come.

Those were great

The BMC is not necessary  to weld mine been cut for yrs with no weld 


Fog light inserts i recommend silicone the black all weather worked great on mine when i had the bumper 

It does kill me to not put them on.. I hate looking at the pile =(

I do remember those days, I was at one when Nestor helped John (Back in Black) and I install snorkels at John's house before he moved.. Got my first pair of fuzzy duds that day too!

Looks like i'll be getting some more cutting wheels for my dremel and some silicone and going to town! My recent alignment is making me rub big time.. Good thing I have lifetime alignments at firestone!




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